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Bullet We value simplicity and clarity – if it takes more than 5 minutes to get us excited about your business, you might be trying to do too many things…
Bullet Entrepreneurs must know what they are talking about – and have a clear understanding of their marketplace, their competitors and the financial dynamics of the industry
Bullet Companies must provide a unique solution to an existing urgent need. We don't invest in companies which try to change consumer behavior or create a new consumer need
Bullet We tend to focus on companies and markets where we have a strong experience base and ability to add value. Speaking broadly, this tends to focus us around technology-based, marketing focused companies – with an emphasis on enterprise software
[Note: We reject more deals for this reason than any other. We only invest in what we know -- and a rejection from us doesn't mean your business won't just means we can't help it succeed]
Bullet We tend to be active investors. We believe our insight and expertise are far more valuable than our capital – and we look for entrepreneurs who feel the same and want our help

Executive summary template

Bullet Project name
Provide a project name.
Bullet Problem Statement
Describe, what is the problem your project solves (2-3 paragraphs).
Bullet Solution and Technology
Describe how the project solves the problem (2-3 paragraphs).
Bullet Team
Describe the project team: who is involved and what are the roles of team members.
Bullet Competitors
List the competitors or projects with similar idea.
Bullet Market
Provide some market estimations: market size, growth potential etc.
Bullet Project risks
Describe, what risks could stop the project from successful implementation.
Bullet Business model
Explain how your business will make money - who are your customers and for what they gonna pay.
Bullet Exit strategy
What is the exit strategy for the project: how will you achieve the liquidity event?
Bullet Investments
What is the volume of investments and time needed to make the project breakeven.
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